You had a second thought about considering immigration to Ireland as your favorite place to go, but you’re confused to find the right way to get you there. Two options are being attached to either a temporary or permanent visit. It’s the knowledge you have of something that will guide you through the whole process. You will therefore need a valid document to immigrate to Ireland.

Migration to Ireland requires you to record the information on the website while you are applying online. The various reasons are leading to an increase in the number of people migrating to Ireland. Therefore, there should be one particular thing that sparks your interest in this country, such as quality education, excellent healthcare, low crime rate, various opportunities, etc. Whatever the case, you should be equipped with the right source of knowledge before you head to Ireland.

Work permit and immigration visa in Ireland

Work permits are essential for anyone who should have to go to Ireland because it is a license to allow them as foreign nationals to stay and work in Ireland without harassment. Any candidate whose country is not a member of the European Union must obtain an Irish work permit in Ireland.

For the Irish visa, you need to know the purpose of your migration to Ireland to get the right visa. It is the purpose that will determine the type of visa. Therefore, you should research for yourself so as not to make any mistakes in your immigration to Ireland.

For the Irish work permit, there are over nine in numbers and whoever you choose should go hand in hand with what you want to do. The same applies to obtaining an Irish visa in Ireland. You should be able to follow the application of both in an organized manner. The best way to do this is to seek help from the Irish consulate in your country of residence. In every embassy, there is someone who acts as their country’s representative. The application for a work permit and visa must be the same:

  • Submission of an online application
  • Obtaining the required basic documents
  • Irish Embassy checklist
  • Submitting work permit or visa application
  • Payment of application fee
  • Waiting for your application request

This is how the visa application or permit application is being sequentially pursued to obtain a lucrative result. There’s no way you should jump from above and start from the middle. As it relates to immigration to Ireland, the Irish Embassy is keen to pay close attention to any applicant who wants to move to Ireland.

Types of work permit for immigration in Ireland

Below are the different types of work permits and here are those:

1. General Employment Permit:

2. Spouse or partner’s permission:

This type of leave is granted to spouses or partners belonging to a critical skills work permit holder in Ireland. So if you have a spouse, you can work in other inappropriate jobs.

3. Work permit for intra-corporate transfer:

This permit is issued to someone who works for an Irish employer and wants to leave his or her job to work for another Irish employer in the same city.

4. Employment permit for practice:

This permit is for students who are schooled in another country but planning to move to Ireland to carry out their practice.

5. Contract for Employment Permit in Services:

These are for foreign workers working for a foreign migrant but traveling to Ireland on behalf of their foreign employer.

6. Sports and Cultural Employment Permit:

This permit is granted to foreigners who have in-depth knowledge, experience, or qualifications in sports to help grow sports in Ireland.

7. Employment opportunities for exchange agreements:

These are foreigners traveling to Ireland with the sole purpose of working based on the international exchange agreement to which the Irish government is bound.

8. Critical Skills Hiring Permit:

This is available for high-skilled foreigners who are invited to Ireland to fill some of these skill-seeking vacancies in Ireland.

9. Possibility of reactivating employment:

These are for employers who lost their right to work for any Irish employer in Ireland, but the right to start work is being reactivated.

Types of Immigration Visas in Ireland

Many Irish visas fit the purpose of migration to Ireland. From their names, they are self-described to anyone who sees them. That’s why you need to consult the Irish embassy for proper instructions on the subject because they are the right person to clarify you for an Irish visa. The following are the types of Irish visas:

  • Business Visa
  • Tourist visa

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